Untitled (2014)

The video loop captures a sequence of unfinished activities that are in themselves ordinary and natural. One idea is not thought through and creates a new one, just as one activity is not completed and continues with another. However, that incompleteness and ordinariness in the overall arrangement creates an unnaturalness and irrationality that everyone tries to explain rationally. The objects return back on their own unnoticed to take the same path. The visual and sonic strangeness that accompanies us creates a dreamlike atmosphere. The fluidity and dreaminess of the image with the synthesis of individual rational actions is an illusion of an allegory of the continuity of ideas and their meaningfulness.

Reciprocity (2022)

Temporality (2022)

Budlleja davidii (2021)

Thirty Truths (2019)

Slide projections (2019)

Smakulada (2018)

Untitled (2018)

Film screening (2017)

Story II (2017)

Digital waste (2016)

Videoinstallation (2016)

Untitled (2014)