Film experiments II. (2016)

With Jáchym Myslivec, I have become a passionate collector of 16 mm film projectors and cameras. Together we explored the possibilities of the film medium but also the technical limits of projectors and cameras. With their visuality and rhythmic noise, a series of projection experiments became a platform for a performative mode of live projection. […]

Artdialog Klenová (2016)

The main idea behind our project was to create an audio interaction involving an inconspicuous and today almost unused object — a public telephone. The installation design involves communication between the space of the gallery and village Klenová using the telephone. The viewer quite naturally walks past the various parts of the installation, which are […]

Film screening II. (2015)

We are working together (Jáchym Myslivec) to develop the previous Cinema Projection. Together we began to intervene more noticeably in the film medium as such. The principle of combining materials and double-exposure projection remains.

FIlm screening (2014)

A visual pun, a picturesque soundscape, and a live performance with Jáchym Myslivec in the field is a collaboration of two authors, two 16 mm projectors, and intertwining film loops on the screen. One is old, found in a bulk waste container, destined for extinction, and the other is filmed together. The joining and interweaving […]