Reciprocity (2022)

Would you instead think or hope? Is there greater importance of empirical knowledge or the narrative world? Do you think about the limits of thinking? How often do you wish? The one-channel video moves on a triangle of thinking, hoping, and fearing. The overall structure is based on empirically posed questions that seek to define […]

Temporality (2022)

Physically, time is noncount movement relative to the state before and now. It is Aristotle’s thesis. On the other hand, Immanuel Kant says, time is not an objective reality but only an idea category produced at this point.Time is only brain construction. Methods how to count time works in every daytime season, and it does not […]

Budlleja davidii (2021)

Tearing a given object from its natural environment increases interest in its details. Moving Video projection placed on the ceiling shows exactly this thing – we can see the specifics of flower – Bddleja Davidii – from every possible angle. Buddleja Davidii has several functions in nature – on the one hand, the leaves are […]

Thirty Truths (2019)

The Velvet Revolution was essentially a liberation of words – suddenly, it was possible to name what had to remain silent for an extended period of totalitarianism. Today we can see how the weight of words is increasingly devalued. It is tough to navigate with clarity and understanding in the stream of really or only […]

Slide projections (2019)

Experimental dia projection is a platform for working with film material. These experiments took place as private performances on campus in Linz.

Smakulada (2018)

The film double projection was held (3/10/2018) as part of the student opening of the academic year 2018/2019 at the Faculty of Art and Design, UJEP. The main organizers were Johanka Pošová and her brother Jan Poš. The opening “Šmakuláda” took place both in the outdoor space and directly in the Exil club in Ústí […]

Untitled (2018)

The main dominant element is movement, which evokes progression and agency. In which we expect a climax. However, this does not occur in either video; it merely repeats mechanically, creating an endless plot. On the contrary, the viewer is uncomfortably confronted with the characters meeting each other in a direction inconsistent with their movement, and […]

Film screening (2017)

The projection is a visual experiment that stems from a fascination with the medium of 16mm film and is one of several experiments that attempt to transcend the fixed boundaries of cinema, creating a model that explores the intertwining, complementing, and excluding of two almost identical shots. The poetics of nostalgic sentimentality, which is the […]

Story II (2017)

Story II is a short sequence composed of three independent micro-stories. The intimate proximity of the camera, the silence without expected dialogue, and only the play of eyes, movements, and gestures are the main narrative elements. The ambiguity of the situations creates tension without giving the viewer clear answers to the question of what they […]

Digital waste (2016)

In my vlogging project, I’m dealing with the overcrowding of my drives and the fear of the question, “What if this shot could ever come in handy?”. So I upload data from unrealized projects to disks and flash sd cards and throw them away. Maybe someone will find them, and they will be helpful. It […]

Videoinstallation (2016)

The video installation is based on three videos that are almost indistinguishable visually. Therefore, at first glance, it is not entirely evident that these are three different videos based on the same scenario. The subject of the banal footage is a slowly walking figure who is captured in one long tracking shot. The framing of […]

Untitled (2014)

The video loop captures a sequence of unfinished activities that are in themselves ordinary and natural. One idea is not thought through and creates a new one, just as one activity is not completed and continues with another. However, that incompleteness and ordinariness in the overall arrangement creates an unnaturalness and irrationality that everyone tries […]