Digital waste (2016)

In my vlogging project, I’m dealing with the overcrowding of my drives and the fear of the question, “What if this shot could ever come in handy?”. So I upload data from unrealized projects to disks and flash sd cards and throw them away. Maybe someone will find them, and they will be helpful. It gets rid of the feeling of deciding to delete the data forever.

This project has been running since 2016 and is purely dependent on the overflow of my drives.

Reciprocity (2022)

Temporality (2022)

Budlleja davidii (2021)

Thirty Truths (2019)

Slide projections (2019)

Smakulada (2018)

Untitled (2018)

Film screening (2017)

Story II (2017)

Digital waste (2016)

Videoinstallation (2016)

Untitled (2014)