Artdialog Klenová (2016)

The main idea behind our project was to create an audio interaction involving an inconspicuous and today almost unused object — a public telephone. The installation design involves communication between the space of the gallery and village Klenová using the telephone.

The viewer quite naturally walks past the various parts of the installation, which are audiovisual reflections on various aspects of the visited place. Passing through a shrine with the lyrics of a folk song by the band Šumavan and with a gender painting whose static nature is interrupted by inconspicuous dynamic details, the viewer reaches the climax of the installation. In the glass display case, the mobile telephone is an ironic statement about itself as a sacred achievement of our era. Its purpose is to repeatedly call the payphone, making the viewers on both ends of the line uncertain about whether to pick up the phone or watch it.

We chose materials to combine the traditional symbols of folk culture compared to today`s world of new media and new technologies.

Cooperation with Lucie Růžičková

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Artdialog Klenová (2016)

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