Rapture (2020)

Jiří Bartovanec, Nicola Mascia & Michal HōR

Choreography: Jiří Bartovanec & Nicola Mascia
Jiří Bartovanec & Nicola Mascia
Jiří Bartovanec & Nicola Mascia
Video directing:
Michal HōR
Martin Tvrdý
Light design:
Michal HóR & Martin Krupa
Michal HōR & Martin Krupa
First director of picture:
Martin Krupa
Second director of picture:
Michal HōR
Martin Krupa & Michal HōR
Dita Dvořáková

Jiří Bartovanec and Nicola Mascia are wonderful dancers and having a future like a choreographer. They are working on projects with well-known directors as Roberta Wilsona, Benoit Lachambre, Emio Greco/PC, and Yasmeen Godder. They are members of Berliner Sasha Waltz & Guest company.

Jiří collaborated in the dance project call Obrys with Nation theater in Brno. His debut of choreography was with Shandong National Theater Jinan (China).

Rapture has the meaning “seizure,” which originated from middle-aged French and Latin speech. Rapture is used as a mystic relationship Got and never-ending life. Dancer’s bodies with light design correspond with four scenes a several micro-stories.

The main question is how the repeated meaning of spirituality and society transforms to moving bodily? How to depend on bodily and Martin Tvrdý sound?

RAPTURE is produce by Jiří Bartovec, Nicola Mascie and Michal HōR. This project was financial support by Brno city and the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic and was created with Alte Münze in Berlin.

Rapture (2020)